The weeping Meadow Trilogy  by Theodoros Angelopoulos

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Actually, casting a zionist like Gal Gadot (she’s even served in the IDF) as Wonder Woman makes perfect sense. Her character is based on the myth of a supreme race who live in a made-up country.




Arabic 101


Arabic 101

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It’s hard to articulate how I feel. I hope none of you lives to see his/her country being bombed. I hope those celebrating that my (and their) country is being bombed realize that ISIS has been evacuating its headquarters in Raqqa for the last several days, that many civilians live in ISIS-held territories, and that the US has a pitiful track record when it comes to civilian casualties, i.e. collateral damage.

ISIS is the enemy, but so is Assad. If the US and its allies hadn’t refused to bomb Assad a year ago, or arm the rebels two years ago, or establish a no-fly zone and humanitarian corridors three years ago, the ISIS threat would be non-existent.

So no, those bombing ISIS are not our heroes, nor will they ever be our saviors.

" - my friend on U.S. airstrikes in Syria (via qasaweh)

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Over 20 civilians dead in Idlib (where ISIS has no presence) from US air strikes. Earlier this week over 30 children dead in Idlib from contaminated measles vaccines from the UN.



Thank you! :) Sorry I did not source it when I made this post, I was on mobile and was just posting it as an update.


Rest In Power, Troy Davis..
three years ago today, September 21, 2011
murdered by the state of Georgia, even after 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted their statements, and no physical evidence to prove his guilt.
Never forget..


Rest In Power, Troy Davis..

three years ago today, September 21, 2011

murdered by the state of Georgia, even after 7 out of 9 witnesses recanted their statements, and no physical evidence to prove his guilt.

Never forget..

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"‘Fadia recalls how the Phalangists set up a checkpoint along the way, killing anyone who spoke Arabic with a Palestinian accent. While we in the West joke—I say tomayto, you say tomahto—in Lebanon, where Phalangists asked those at the checkpoint to give them the Arabic word for “tomato,” the wrong pronunciation was a death sentence. The Lebanese pronunciation of “banadurra” was the password through the checkpoint; but those who said “ban-dora,” in the Palestinian fashion, were killed. The tears flow as she recalls that they would cut people’s throats or, even more horrifically, tie each leg to a different jeep and pull them apart. Women and girls were raped before being killed. Luckily for the Labounis their mother was a south Lebanese woman married to a Palestinian and she had the right accent and pronunciation.’ (Checkpoints by Phalangist militias during the Lebanese civil war, 1975)" -

Pronunciation as Death Sentence

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Nam June Paik, Zen for Head, 1962


Nam June Paik, Zen for Head, 1962

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Everyone knew the local elder who’d molested and raped his daughters and granddaughters for decades until he was arrested for touching another family’s girls; after four years in jail and another half dozen or so at a cabin downriver, he was back on the village tribal council. One of Geneva’s great aunts was molested and raped by an uncle for years; dozens of years later, the aunt’s grown daughter told her that the same uncle had molested her, too. Sometimes people pressed charges; most of the time, though, nothing happened. “These perverts travel from village to village, from potlatches to dances,” Geneva says. “And then they get drunk and you don’t know what they’re going to do.”…A local woman was gang raped until she could “barely walk.” A young boy was sexually assaulted by an older man and later killed himself. Tribal elders who command respect, but whose behavior doesn’t. “I’m still young and I’m already sick of it,” she said. “It’s happening in his house, in her house, even in your own bed.”

In its short history as a state, Alaska has earned an unnerving epithet: It is the rape capital of the U.S. At nearly 80 rapes per 100,000, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, Alaska’s rape rate is almost three times the national average; for child sexual assault, it’s nearly six times. And, according to the 2010 Alaska Victimization Survey, the most comprehensive data to date, 59 percent of Alaskan women have been victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or both…a survey from 2006 that analyzed law enforcement data in Anchorage found Alaska Native women 9.7 times more likely than other Alaskan women to be victims of sexual assault.

In a state where hundreds of roadless communities are scattered across hundreds of thousands of miles, and where the storied rates of violence against women can hit 100 percent in some villages, silence is the norm, and violence is almost expected. Says detective Vandervalk, “You’ll get a Native girl who says, ‘My mom always tells me to wear two pairs of jeans at night to slow him down.’”

" -

Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness

we often talk about settler-perpetrated violence, and we should…but we have a sickness in our communities, that needs to be addressed. as the article points out, it does have roots in settler violence (boarding schools, colonial rape culture, etc), but acknowledging that doesn’t automatically bring healing or change. sexual violence is not traditional, but it is rapidly becoming a tradition passed down—some families are now at 3, 4, 5 generations of violence. this has to end. our survival—culturally and physically—depends on us learning to address the violence we perpetrate against one another. 

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Hey, so remember how Israel always falls over itself reminding us how much it cares about the well-being of the LGBTQ community? How it’s the “only safe haven for queer people in the middle east”? How it benevolently cares for injured Palestinians even though we’re all undeserving savages”?

Well, in a statement released by IDF intel officers refusing to serve, it was revealed that the IDF and Israeli intelligence in general blackmail sick and queer Palestinians into becoming collaborators and informants.

This is part of the testimonies of these officers:

"If you’re homosexual and know someone who knows a wanted person – and we need to know about it – Israel will make your life miserable. If you need emergency medical treatment in Israel, the West Bank or abroad – we searched for you. The state of Israel will allow you to die before we let you leave for treatment without giving information on your wanted cousin. If you interest Unit 8200 as a technological unit, and don’t have anything to do with any hostile activity, you’re an objective."

This is standard operating procedure. This is nothing out of the ordinary, this is not a special case. This is the logic of Israel, this is the logic of a colonial state, one built on ethnic supremacy, built on genocide.

At this point, any person saying that the IDF is a moral army, or that Israel cares in the slightest about human rights, then they need to do a 5 second google search, because this information is everywhere.

To keep repeating this lie means you’re either incredibly ignorant/being misled in an age where information is at your fingertips, or you’re an imperialist bigot.

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"We had a lot of trouble with western mental health workers who came here immediately after the genocide and we had to ask some of them to leave.

They came and their practice did not involve being outside in the sun where you begin to feel better. There was no music or drumming to get your blood flowing again. There was no sense that everyone had taken the day off so that the entire community could come together to try to lift you up and bring you back to joy. There was no acknowledgement of the depression as something invasive and external that could actually be cast out again.

Instead they would take people one at a time into these dingy little rooms and have them sit around for an hour or so and talk about bad things that had happened to them. We had to ask them to leave.

" - A Rwandan talking to a western writer, Andrew Solomon, about his experience with western mental health and depression. (via dialecticsof)

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stormingtheivory: just sent me a petition to demand that the US name a warship after Harvey Milk and if that isn’t the most succinct example of the way queer advocacy has been coopted by neoliberalism and the military-industrial complex, bless me I don’t know what is.

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elizabeth warren calls out republicans for being against equal pay for women, and her action is absolutely justifiable, although she still supports the terrorist state of israel. now everyone is praising her. killary’s twin?
liberalism in a nutshell. if you’re going to fight oppression then it’s all or nothing, you can’t be damn selective.


CHILL THE F*CK OUT // patrolekha
So Good- Nao vs. A. K. Paul
Get Lucky Remix- DJ Pretentious
The Boy is Mine- NGUZUNGUZU Harp Edit
Ezzay Ansak- Haifa Wehbe
Jasmine- Jai Paul
Kuar (Olof Dreijer Remix)- Emmanuel Jal 
Electro Sufi (Bollywood Megamix)- DJ AKS
Forever- Majid Jordan
Vanished- Crystal Castles
Hiphop Spa- Fatima Al Qadiri
MJK (Heartbeats Remix)- Haifa Wehbe
Moments in Sexx- NGUZUNGUZU
Love Me Girl (Remix)- Yeasayer
Drive (Part 1)- Ben Khan
Wanna Party ft. Tink- Future Brown Remix
Marble House- The Knife
Sunrise- Yeasayer
Days- Creep ft. Romy
Tu Mere Dil- Falak, DJ AKS Remix
BTSTU- Jai Paul
Intro (Extended)- The XX
FKA x inc.- FKA x inc.
Knights- Crystal Castles
In Heat (Javelin Remix)- HEALTH
Dramatheque- DJ Pretentious
Papi Pacify- FKA twigs


CHILL THE F*CK OUT // patrolekha

  1. So Good- Nao vs. A. K. Paul
  2. Get Lucky Remix- DJ Pretentious
  3. The Boy is Mine- NGUZUNGUZU Harp Edit
  4. Ezzay Ansak- Haifa Wehbe
  5. Jasmine- Jai Paul
  6. Kuar (Olof Dreijer Remix)- Emmanuel Jal 
  7. Electro Sufi (Bollywood Megamix)- DJ AKS
  8. Forever- Majid Jordan
  9. Timesup- NGUZUNGUZU
  10. Vanished- Crystal Castles
  11. Hiphop Spa- Fatima Al Qadiri
  12. MJK (Heartbeats Remix)- Haifa Wehbe
  13. Moments in Sexx- NGUZUNGUZU
  14. Love Me Girl (Remix)- Yeasayer
  15. Drive (Part 1)- Ben Khan
  16. Wanna Party ft. Tink- Future Brown Remix
  17. Marble House- The Knife
  18. Sunrise- Yeasayer
  19. Days- Creep ft. Romy
  20. Tu Mere Dil- Falak, DJ AKS Remix
  21. BTSTU- Jai Paul
  22. Intro (Extended)- The XX
  23. FKA x inc.- FKA x inc.
  24. Knights- Crystal Castles
  25. In Heat (Javelin Remix)- HEALTH
  26. Dramatheque- DJ Pretentious
  27. Papi Pacify- FKA twigs