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ziyati said: yup

pakistani women everywhere, including irl, are trying to kill me. i swear.

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*googles iman ali*
*is having trouble breathing*
*is six feet under*
my funeral is in 5 minutes

Iman Ali | Mah-e-Meer



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jfc they created an anti-rape nail polish. people out there profiting off women like they’ve always done, giving advice on how to “prevent” rape and don’t get me started with the ‘consent is sexy’ thing. how about they find a way to eliminate all rapists and potential rapists. men and high school assholes don’t even want to learn how to respect women because it’s a heavy burden on their fucking shoulders.

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i can’t stand people with the whole “if i like the person then i’m gonna befriend them. i don’t care about their politics, their point of view concerning x, y, and z.” mentality.
here’s the thing: if your politics are shit then you’re simply a person i don’t wanna be associated with. i don’t wanna say hi to you, i don’t wanna see your face and i certainly don’t wanna be friends with you PERIOD. i’ve cut off ties with friends and even relatives for having scum political views. your politics say so much about what kind of person you are. plain and simple.

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"A Bitter Disappointment," Edward Said on His Encounter with Sartre, de Beauvoir and Foucault

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Hebrew is such a beautiful language. You don’t say “I love you” in Hebrew, you say הציונות היא חרא רקוב ”hatziyonut hi chara rakuv” which translates to “you are the light of my life” which I think is one of the most beautiful things to say to someone

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listen, if i can learn your ugly english language then you can learn how to pronounce my 5-letter name correctly, especially after i corrected you more than a dozen times.

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Its one thing to be actively and perpetually cognizant of what Israel’s settler colonial end goal is, how that affects the conditions of Palestinians and what that means for this current ceasefire. I doubt that’s lost on anyone, especially not the people of Gaza who are celebrating the fact that missiles aren’t raining on their neighborhoods anymore. Which is why we have to continue honoring BDS guidelines, holding officials accountable for using our tax dollars to fund a genocidal project and lobbying/protesting in the streets. No one is arguing otherwise.

However, its a wholly different arena to be callous and spiteful. Its not a noble stance to undermine the legitimate reasons that Palestinians have to feel joyful that they don’t have to be at the receiving end of a heightened siege. Yes the occupation has not ended, yes apartheid and ethnosupremacy policies are still in full effect. And yes, we have to keep the momentum of the anger we felt during the siege that propelled so much action strong and intertwined in our current activism.

That can all done while recognizing that no matter how small a victory or progression, it is just that. A victory and progression. And if the people who faced the full brunt of such attacks can celebrate, you can honor the reasons they’re celebrating.

Antagonizing a profoundly oppressed population doesn’t make you enlightened or an intellect. It makes you a horrid and smug piece of shit.




We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”